How Bingo got its groove back

When you think of bingo, you may picture a hall full of senior citizens shouting out numbers, and you won’t be entirely wrong. However, that image represents only a small fraction of those who play the game. 

The decline of traditional bingo

The number of traditional bingo halls has been in decline for over a decade. Between 2005 and 2014 the number of bingo clubs in the UK dropped by over 30%. While, the traditional bingo halls were in decline the popularity of the game was actually increasing among a younger audience who play their bingo online.

The rise of bingo sites

In recent years, the popular numbers game has witnessed a significant growth in the number of players online due to the increase in new bingo sites. We have seen a similar pattern with other casino games like Poker. While, bingo may not have its own television shows or multi-million dollar sponsorship deals, it has certainly commands a significant share of the online gambling market.

It’s a girl’s world

Another trend that is worth knowing about bingo is that majority of the players are women. In the United Kingdom, online bingo is the most popular activity for women aged between 20 and 25 years, the best bingo sites attracting thousands of female visitors every month. One of the reasons for its popularity among younger audiences especially women is the social aspect of the game, which also exists in the online play via chat rooms.

The new order

Bingo is one of a few casino games getting a facelift in a bid to attract a younger audience. While, some bingo halls have gone for a more subtle approach to attract millennial, others have gone for a more daring twist. Perhaps none more radical than Bongo’s Bingo, which fuses the popular numbers game with a club night, complete with DJs, dancing and cocktails.

The Bongo’s Bingo event is literally full of ups and downs, one minute you are up dancing on a table and the next you are sitting around a table playing bingo. Ironically, the dual pace of the event may actually be its strength. Having the option to take a breather in the middle of a rave, for a bit of socializing is a game changer. 

The event has turned out to be a hit to the surprise of many, including its founder, Johnny Lacey. "I never expected it to go the way it has - it took off quite quickly and within six months I was calling out numbers with David Hasselhoff." Johnny said. The popularity of the event continues to grow, and has now spread to other major UK cities.

The future of bingo

Bingo has come a long way, from its glory days in the 1940s. One thing seems obvious from recent developments – digital bingo is the future. The question that is yet to be answered is whether the traditional land-based version of the game will survive the alcohol-fueled onslaught. For now it seems like the rave-infused bingo making its way across the UK is winning the battle.