Is the Pub Bingo Game at Risk?

Playing Bingo in pubs appears to be a complicated business, especially if it is a high stakes style. In the UK there are laws that control gambling, the important one being the Gambling Act 2005 that is being used to apparently block one attempt to bring Bingo into pubs.

The case of Greene King is an interesting one as it opens up the complicated nature of Bingo and gambling and how the law can apply to such forms of entertainment in pubs. While lenient in some respects, if there is evidence that it could “facilitate” gambling, then it is likely to cause a problem.

When it comes to gambling there has to be controls, that is understandable. We have to know our limits, and even Bingo has to be played with an element of control. It is understandable that the law can block such uses of the game, but should it be more flexible?

This is a debate that will most likely go on forever as there are plenty of arguments for and against this source for bingo games. The problem with applying more control in entertainment areas like pubs but being less lenient in others is that it doesn’t make the job of keeping Bingo socially popular easy. If anything it helps the game move onto online sites.

There are plenty of ways to play games like Bingo online and to do so in a controlled way where you understand your own limits. There is a less restrictive nature to this, which in turn can damage the offline industry if not handled right. Then again, the people who find success offline are often the chains who are making huge profits online too. So maybe the game of Bingo is better off online?

Online we can have a more innovative style of Bingo that is fun and can be played in a social matter.