Wild Party Bingo: The world’s most social bingo app

Wild Party Bingo is the latest Bingo app to offer something the gaming world has never seen before. Known as the ‘world’s most social bingo game’, the app aims to make online bingo more interactive, fast-paced and exciting. The app’s creators, Asylum Labs, understand that in the ‘real world’, bingo is a highly sociable game and the company decided to integrate this concept into its online equivalent. As such, Asylum Labs’ philosophy is clear and simple: everything is more fun with friends – a key attraction of club bingo.

There’s no ‘I’ in team

The Wild Party Bingo app is free-to-play and is available worldwide on Facebook, Yahoo, iTunes, Google Play and Amazon Kindle. The unique bingo app has real-time, synchronous, multiplayer team-based mechanics that focus on player-to-player interactions. Instead of playing alone, players can now join teams of five other players and work towards both individual and common goals, of which enable them to gain even higher scores. And despite increasing user numbers typically causing mobile applications strain on their systems, the technology behind Wild Party Bingo, ArcLight, was built to allow full interoperability of synchronous interactions between millions of users – meaning the game can take place without a hitch!

Power ups and Booster Parties

The ultimate aim of the app is to give traditional bingo a whole new level of anticipation. With arcade-style Power-ups, team-based co-operative gameplay, team-based competitions and a unique level-progression experience, the game’s two most exciting features are Booster Parties and Power-Ups. Boosters and Power-Ups add unique twists and variety to the core mechanic, with Boosters marking certain numbers for extra goodies when daubed, and Power-ups allowing the player to modify their play style to suit their unique personality and goals.

Wild Party Bingo also now includes three-wheel slots, a lottery and a Party Wheel, to enable players to win more chips to play bingo. From its existing users, the social element of the app has already proved extremely popular, with almost two times the retention statistics over the app gaming industry norm.

The future looks bright for Wild Party Bingo as over the last 12 weeks, founders Asylum Labs have been working with William Hill’s accelerator programme to nurture, develop and refine its bingo product for customers. With a future vision to leverage this concept into other verticals like slots, poker and blackjack, Wild Party Bingo is a cut above the typical bingo app norm and is captivating players all over the globe.

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