New roles

The Bingo Association’s new Head of Governance and Compliance, Paul Swindon

The Bingo Association was pleased to announce a new member of its management team at the end of last year, Paul Swindon, who joins Chief Executive Miles Baron and the team from the British Association of

Removers. While not joining immediately from a gambling background, Paul is no stranger to the industry or trade associations.

Born and bred in Harrow, Paul studied Business and Finance, attending college in Watford, and currently lives in Hatfield: in respect of the Association’s offices in Dunstable, he has always been very much a local.

It was while at college that Paul received his gambling industry induction, through working at Ladbrokes in their then Head Office in Rayners Lane: coincidentally the MD at that time was Chris Bell, who is currently a member of the Rank Group Board.

While Paul’s induction was very much at the sharp end of the business, in the Telephone Betting Centre, it did give him his first brush with fame taking bets from a wide variety of customers including celebrities, sportsmen and TV personalities. On one particular occasion Paul received a request from a Mr O’Connor to place a larger than usual bet on a rugby match. Always diligent and mindful of procedural and compliance issues, Paul told the client that in light of the amount he would need to seek approval from his supervisor: while Mr O’Connor was less than impressed at being kept waiting, Paul did receive approval to accept the bet from his supervisor, but with an unusual aside: give him anything he likes, as long as he does not sing!

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