What can make bingo game more fun?

Even with the most basic concepts of entertainment, when you would think not much can be changed, let alone improved, there are always ideas to shake things up a little. Most of the success depends on our creativity. Who knows, perhaps, the old trusty round of bingo could find a way to surprise the unbelievers and pose an interesting proposition of a good time.

The game in its simplest form is pretty straightforward and uncomplicated. Perhaps for such reasons, it may sometimes be perceived as unappealing and mundane activity, tailormade for a lazy Sunday afternoon after church. The truth is, as a game of chance bingo is often looked down upon by enthusiasts of more ‘sophisticated’ entertainment. In poker, for example, people who rely too much on luck, rather than on their skills like they are supposed to, are often described by displeased competition to be playing ‘no limit bingo’, instead of a proper game of cards. That’s harsh. We get it, you jokers. All prejudice aside, there is no reason why bingo shouldn’t be overall quite an enjoyable experience. In fact, according to the players themselves, it provides them with positive feelings of relaxation and event excitement. The former comes from allowing oneself to ‘go with the flow’ and the latter may appear due to the anticipation of winning.

But it doesn’t have to be just that. First of all, there is no particular rule why game night should be all about marking down those numbers read out loud by a volunteer on a Friday evening at facilities for senior citizens. When planning a special event involving bingo, people can be really creative and come up with absorbing ways of making it more than merely a game. In London, you can easily spot series of opportunities to participate in unusual bingo happening this spring and summer. There is groovy boogie bingo with dance battle rounds, bingo and brunch mixer, hip-hop and RnB infused bling bingo night. Even special musical bingo inspired by the upcoming Royal Wedding in the United Kingdom. Just like at prom night, the theme can make a real difference.

The actual gameplay doesn’t need to look so typical, either. Experimenting with different ways in which participants can win, like different line patterns, adds the element of surprise. Implementing extra features such as bonus rounds and mystery prizes, introducing coupons and play money to use for certain purposes, could be a good idea, too. Instead of the traditional approach to cross out the winning numbers, bingo cards can assume other forms and have pictures or song titles on them. You could then combine the new solutions with trivia questions to further spice things up. Tinkering with the usual surroundings of a bingo game could pose a nice whiff of fresh air: changing venues or even hosting an event outside, planning the game on holidays and special occasions, taking care of proper atmosphere, bringing delicious food and drinks, playing good music.

Alongside with auctions and raffles, bingo can be a great opportunity to promote a specific event, company or even produce. In the light of that, even the peculiar concepts suchlike meat bingo shouldn’t be too astonishing. In the end, the more creative we are, the bigger the chances for the unforgettable experience. And if the crowds are enjoying themselves, our work is done.