Why Bingo is the Perfect Game

Bingo is an incredibly popular game and has been for decades. Even if you’ve never played bingo yourself, it’s highly likely that you’ve heard about it or know someone who does play. What you might not know about bingo, though, is that not only is this an incredibly exciting and fun game to play, but it can also help hone and train your brain to be smarter.

Now a whole new generation of people is starting to learn the joys of the game thanks to the accessibility of online bingo. With such a surge of players, bingo is once again becoming one of the world’s most popular pastimes.

Here are just a few more reasons why bingo is the perfect game.

Immense Sense of Community

Around a decade ago, bingo got a bit of a reputation for being a ‘senior game’. Which often led others to be put off by the idea of playing. Yet, what people failed to grasp was that bingo was played at certain older group meetings as it’s a real community game.

That is, it can bring people from all walks of life together to play and have fun – just look at how it benefited this community of bingo players. It doesn’t matter if you’re eighteen years old or 88 years old - bingo can be played by anyone, and everyone as the game itself is very easy to pick up, with no complicated strategies to cause you a headache.

Ideal for a Night Out – Or In!

Taking that idea of community further, if you’re planning a night out with your mates, the likelihood is, you’ll make plans to meet at a bar first for a few drinks. However, taking a group to a local bingo hall is actually a far more entertaining experience. You’ll all get to hang out, have some fun and hopefully win some money.

Make a pact before you go, that any money you win, you’ll all use that kitty of winnings to put towards dinner and drinks for the night. People might think you’re mad going to the bingo instead of a bar, but they’ll only be jealous when they hear about the fun you had and how you paid for your full night out with the winnings!

Or, if you struggle with finding the time to meet with your friends more, you can even arrange a bingo night in, where your friends all join from their own homes too.

Able to Play 24/7

There’s absolutely no need to go out to play bingo these days, though. With the numerous apps and online games available, you can now play bingo wherever and whenever you want. This doesn’t take away the sense of community from the game though, as you can easily play with friends online. You can even make a host of new friends in the chat rooms of these online games. Players are super friendly and many use bingo lingo in the chat, using acronyms as a form of shorthand – you can read up about those bingo chat acronyms so you know what’s being said!

Online bingo is particularly useful for those of us who are too busy to make it outdoors, which could include new mums or those confined to their homes. Even people who have long commutes back and forth to work can make use of online bingo, by playing a few games while on the train.

It Trains Your Brain While You Have Fun

There’s no denying the fun of bingo. You get that rush from hearing your number called, getting closer to that cash prize. Then there’s the bingo host themselves; it doesn’t matter if you’re in a hall or playing online, a good bingo host will have you laughing with their quips, meaning even if you were having a rubbish day before, your bingo game could really brighten it up.

Yet it’s not just your mental health that bingo can help with. Bingo can also help train our brains to work more efficiently, as well as having better hand-to-eye coordination. It also improves our short-term memory, as we focus on remembering numbers as others are called. Just a few short games of bingo each week is enough to improve your focus and memory. Not bad for a game that could boost your bank balance.

It doesn’t matter if you only play bingo on your phone or you have a group of close friends that visit your local bingo hall every week, these days bingo is more popular than ever. Rightly so, too. Bingo is a wonderful game that everyone should be getting involved in. Any winnings you get are just an added bonus!