Ever wanted to have a slots competition against your pals? Well, now you can!

So, how does it work?

  • You win Slots Tournaments by earning the highest number of points through in-games, so the goal is simply to get as many in-game wins as you can!
  • When you join a Slots Tournament, it’ll tell you the maximum number of spins you can use to try and earn points with. So, if the Slots Tournament says you can use up to 100 spins, any wins after your 100th spin won’t give you any more points. You can use as many of the spins as you like up to the maximum, but please bear in mind that the stake for each spin comes out of your cash balance.
  • How much cash you stake per spin has no impact on the amount of points you can earn. Every Slots Tournament player has an equal chance of winning, whether you bet big or bet small makes no difference. Remember, you should never stake more than you’re comfortable with.

How do I enter the tournament?

  • Hit the ‘Join’ button in the Slots Tournament Schedule or on the leader board page, then load up the game once the Tournament starts.

When can I play?

  • Every hour from midday to midnight on Wednesdays

What can I win?

  • Our Slots Tournament prizes are, quite frankly, fantastic. You could Free Spins or up to £250 cash if you play our 7:00 pm Power Hour Slots Tournament.