Game Payment Technology smash forecasts with average value of electronic funds ahead by more than 400%

Feedback from the Game Payment Technology (GPT) early adopter programme has exceeded pre-launch forecasts and challenged conventional thinking surrounding the take-up and acceptance of technology by players in older demographic groups. 

With the roll-out of the first 350 GPT enabled AWPs continuing, despite the new Covid restrictions, initial data has shown the average monthly value of electronic funds per machine to be in excess of £108. This is more than five times the forecast that GPT included as part of the business plan that was set in partnership with bacta’s Cashless Committee. Significantly, the profile of players has confounded some of the stereotypes and accepted views surrounding age and the use of technology. Data has shown that the majority (62 percent) of those using the GPT cashless app were aged 40-years and older, a characteristic that underlines both the widespread acceptance of apps in general as well as GPT’s simple and user-friendly navigation.

Bacta’s Head of Finance and Operations, Robert Gibb, who is part of the senior team leading the GPT initiative, is pleased at the progress that’s been made and the player insight that’s been generated.  He stated: “We are delighted at the feedback and data. This validates our development strategy and the attention to detail that underpins the entire GPT player experience. There has been a high level of player acceptance among all age segments. Acceptance translates into usage, which is evident in the average value of electronic funds per machine being far in excess of forecasts.

“Although the headlines relate to the value of funds and the age profile of users, we have also learned important tactical lessons - such as the most effective use of PoS materials - thanks to the positive dialogue that we enjoy with our pub operating partners, whose insight has been and continues to be invaluable.”