Music experts state Oasis appeal will 'Live Forever'

Oasis have been crowned unofficial 'Kings of the Jukebox' following a spike in plays of the band’s signature anthem, Don’t Look Back In Anger. The play data, which has been compiled by TouchTunes UK, the jukebox industry experts, saw the track once again re-enter the UK jukebox charts, 21 years after it was released as the fourth single from their second studio album, (What’s the Story) Morning Glory?
Toby Hoyte, Sales and Marketing Manager at TouchTunes UK, believes music operators owe a debt of gratitude to the Gallagher brothers. He explains: "There’s no doubt whatsoever that Oasis are one of the great jukebox artists in the UK thanks to their anthems and iconic choruses. Don’t Look Back In Anger is one of the band’s signature tunes and was ranked Number One on a list of the '50 Most Explosive Choruses' by the NME. Oasis as an act are actually worth hundreds of pounds, if not thousands, in income for our jukebox operators on an annual basis, more so than any other artist."
Hoyte is clear about the importance of both responding to and anticipating demand for every taste and trend in music. "TouchTunes and Soundnet provide a dedicated, real-time music service for all of our jukebox estate,” he says. "This means that as well as having every single one of the classic jukebox hits easily accessible, we also update each juke with the latest tracks at the same time as they are being previewed on radio and online."
He adds: "Playdium, which was recently made available to operators with no fixed monthly music fees, is the best example of this dynamic approach to music delivery. With 30,000 tracks stored locally on the hard drive and a further one million songs available online, we are able to cater for every conceivable request in real time. These stand out features help to explain why Playdium is beating jukebox records in the UK with income up by close to 20% on the industry average."

At June's Park Avenue Open Day, TouchTunes responded to long standing requests from operators to remove fixed music fees alongside the introduction of a royalty-only 18% of cashbox revenue sharing model.  By focusing solely on cashbox percentage, TouchTunes has made a commitment to partner in any fluctuations in income from site-to-site and month-to-month, sharing in both reward and risk.