Bingo Revealed: The 24hr Bingo Dashboard

Imagine having all of the best and most up-to-date bingo information available at your fingertips! That’s what Wink Bingo has created with their newest release, the 24hr Online Bingo Dashboard. Wink Bingo has teamed up with some of the best in the industry to bring bingo players like you live stats that you’ll have to see to believe. From tracking the biggest paydays to following all of the modern trends, the bingo dashboard gives you a peak behind the scenes of the bingo world and what makes it tick.

Through partnerships with over half a dozen different bingo reporting sites including Bingo Reviewer, Bingo Trivia, Gambling Commission and Who Plays Bingo, the bingo dashboard always features the freshest and most current information. All of the data is updated every 24 hours, providing you with executive level bingo secrets that in previous years would’ve cost companies a fortune to have access to!

Bingo by the Numbers

The 24hr Online Bingo Dashboard features a colorful and easy to understand layout filled with charts and graphics that any player can understand. Just some of the trends tracked every day include:

  • of Active Online Bingo Providers
  • of Games Played in a 24hr Period
  • of Tickets Played in a 24hr Period
  • of Daily Players
  • Ratio of Male to Female Players
  • Biggest Prize Won in a 24hr Period

On top of the pure numbers, the dashboard always provides a daily dose of bingo trivia including little known facts about your favorite game.

The Secrets of the Bingo World

By spending just a few minutes with the dashboard you’ll feel like a bingo expert! Surprise your friends with your newfound mastery over the bingo community by sharing interesting facts and information.

Here are just a few of the fascinating details available straight from the dashboard:

  • - Over 13,500,000 tickets are played every day
  • - There are more than 160,000 active daily bingo players
  • - 450 different websites currently offer bingo games
  • - 8 out of every 10 players is female
  • - 90 Ball is the most popular bingo format in the world
  • - More than half (63%) of all bingo games are played on a computer

But don’t just take our word for it, check it out yourself. Become a bingo expert and visit the 24hr Online Bingo Dashboard directly at Wink Bingo.