Online Gaming

Online Gaming is the trend of 21st century that gives the opportunity for gamers around the globe. Online gaming is trending these days alike a viral video on YouTube. The history goes back from the time of video game,

TV games and portable battery operated handy games to the PlayStation and other gaming consoles, So before talking about the online gaming world wide let me first clear the Gaming history first there were so called video games 7os and 80s and old kids love to play on that version of video games on pixilated quality on their televisions.

Then there were not that so called gaming geeks in those years. But when we come across in 21st century the revolution of technology begins just like the flash comic book character that runs as fast as speed of light I mean to say that, that in 21st century we can say the golden period of gaming or online gaming with the help of internet by connecting folks all around the world in very simple manner. These days bunch of famous gaming companies like PlayStation and Xbox have created gaming consoles like ps4 and xbox1 that are heaven for gamers or game lovers and too they provides online or Wi-Fi services so they (gamers) can connect their fellow gamers to share their experience and play game. But you as well play it on your pc (personal computer) as today’s gaming option are very wide they make games for PCs and gaming consoles and for others, and there are too many games available in markets to play online or offline with or without internet. In early years (1970s) online gaming’s are like mud which mean multi-user dungeon or multi-user dimension and multi-user domain was a multiplayer virtual world which was used as a source to play games, hack and online chat.

These days number of active online gamers is reached millions in counting. All age and genders are playing online games but the males are of course high in counting but these days online female gamers are rising like quiet high. Mostly the age of 15 to 28 years old are likely to be active in majority of the world. It’s cheap and very entertaining there are several websites and several gaming companies that allows free gaming platforms and paid platforms too.

All online gaming portals are so user friendly that you can easily play online and sites are also available in various languages so there is no language barrier no matter whether you know English,Swedish,Spanish or any other language. Even there are gaming competitions around the world with win of a lot of money.

In this age of concrete jungle when humans are becoming more addictive to metropolitan cities and busy in earning money for their food and bread they lost their times to outdoor games so the new trend of online gaming is becoming higher and higher these days because they too need time to relax, entertained and joy. Online gaming gives them to opportunity to connect with a random gamer around the globe as well as for play games and do chit chat about their new games and online buzz all over. Online gaming is the next future of entertainment.