Play Bingo Slots on Your Mobile

One thing that can put you off playing bingo slot games in any playing environment is not having any spare cash to play them with, and whilst you can of course play all manner of different slot machines online or on a mobile device for free, there is nothing to beat the thrill of playing them for real money!

There is actually a new deposit option available to players at some mobile bingo and casino sites and it is a way for you to use your phone bill to deposit cash into your account and that deposit will then simply be added onto your next phone bill, or in the case of pre-paid mobile account knocked off your current balance.

If you are one of the many people who have not ventured into the mobile bingo slot game playing environment then you really have been missing out, and to give you a few ideas in regards to what the advantages will be of doing so we have an overview of those benefits listed below, so read on and then make sure you do become a new mobile bingo slot players sooner rather than later!

Big Slot Bonuses – One thing that is bound to attract you to give some mobile slot games a little bit of play time in a real money playing environment are bonuses, and there are some very high valued ones up for grabs at many bingo and casino sites. In fact, some of those bonuses require no deposit so you will not even have to put any of your own money at risk to claim them!

Wide Variety of slots – You may be familiar with companies such as IGT, Aristocrat and Bally Technology who design land based slot machines, however one thing you may not be aware of is that lots of their slots can also be accessed on mobile devices, so if you do already have some favourite slots you love playing there will be a fair chance you can get stuck into playing them on am mobile device!

Huge Jackpots on Offer – Many slot players have won life changing jackpots playing all manner of different slot games, like the UK soldier who won £13.2million playing a progressive slot for only 25p per spin! You will be amazed at the size of some of the current bingo slot jackpots available at mobile bingo and casino sites which can be won for tiny stake levels too!

High Payout Percentages – If you live in the UK then there is a good chance you may have played fruit machines in a bingo club or hall or at an amusement arcade, if you have done so what may shock you is that some of those machines have payout percentages set as low as 72%, however playing mobile bingo slot games you will have access to plenty of slot offering payout percentages way higher, some as high as 98% or even higher!

Lots of New Bingo Slot Machines – There are more online and mobile bingo slot games available to play than you will ever find on offer in your local bingo hall or club, and as such if you are an avid slot player but one who always looks out for and plays the very latest slot game releases then that is something easily achievable at mobile bingo sites!

Configurable Option Settings – Another reason why we think you are going to love playing mobile slot games is that you do have lots of different option settings available to you when playing them. Land based slots only let you turn on or off the audio settings, whilst when you play mobile slots you can configure them to your personal tastes and can even utilize an auto play setting where the slots will play themselves!

Fast Winning Payouts – One final thing to draw to your is that when you do play mobile slot machines and fruit machines if you stick to playing them at fully licensed and regulated sites you are always going to benefit from lightning fast winning payouts, and you can have your winnings paid directly into your bank account too if you so desire!