A Useful - and Interesting - List of Bingo Calls in the United Kingdom

Bingo has been an immensely popular game in the UK for years and years. For as long as we can remember, bingo has been played in many different bingo halls in various towns and communities stretching from the farthest reaches of Scotland to the bustling enclave of London. Perhaps this is one reason why bingo has already developed its own lingo – the so-called ‘bingo lingo’ that bingo aficionados around the country are all familiar with.

These ‘bingo calls’ actually refer to the way the numbers are called out – and there is no particularly correct way to call out the numbers. Some callers call out the number first and then follow it with the phrase, whilst other callers call out the phrase first and then the number. It mostly depends on how it sounds – so it’s up to you, as a bingo player, to pay attention!

Even if you are into online bingo, it still pays to be familiar with all these bingo calls. This is especially true if you like spending time in those online bingo chat rooms, where many players can discuss games with each other and use the traditional ‘bingo call’ terms for numbers as well. 

Numbers 1 to 10 of useful – and unique - bingo calls in the UK

The number one – the number one is referred to as ‘Kelly’s eye,’ but it can also be referred to as ‘buttered scone’ and ‘at the beginning’


The number two – the number two has different calls as well. One of these is ‘one little duck,’ another is ‘me and you,’ and yet another is ‘Little boy blue’


The number three – the number three literally rhymes with ‘you and me’ and ‘cup of tea.’ It can also be called ‘one little flea’ and ‘goodness me’


The number four - this number would be called out with the phrase ‘knock at the door’ as well as ‘the one next door’

The number five – the number five would often be called out ‘man alive’ or ‘one little snake’

The number six – meanwhile, the number six would be referred to as ‘Tom mix,’ ‘Tom’s tricks,’ or ‘chopsticks.’ Other variations would include ‘chopping sticks’ or ‘half a dozen’ (slightly less interesting than the first four phrases)

The number seven – the number seven is referred to as ‘lucky’ (based on the number’s cultural connotation), but it could also be called ‘one little crutch’ and ‘God’s in heaven’

The number eight – the number eight has several bingo calls as well, including ‘garden gate,’ ‘she’s always late,’ and ‘Golden gate.’ It can also be called ‘one fat lady,’ for the actual number’s shape

The number nine – this number is called out ‘doctor’s orders’ or ‘doctor’s joy’ for some obscure reason

The number ten – the number ten, meanwhile, is referred to as ‘David’s den,’ ‘cock and hen,’ and ‘uncle Ben.’

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