What Types of Slots Can I Play?

One question we do get asked a lot by slot loving bingo players is just what types of slot machines they can access and play online, and as such we thought it would be handy to put together a guide that lists all of the main categories of slots!

Below you will find a range of slots that are all accessible online and slots that can be played either for free and at no risk what so ever or can be played for real money.

What we would suggest if you have never played slot machines before online or for that matter in any playing environment is that you give as many of the different categories of slots listed below some play time, by doing so via the free to play versions of those slot you can play them to your heart’s content without risking a penny, but will also be able to make a note of the one you found more entertaining to play.

Be aware that people in different countries call slot machines differently, such as for example people living in Australia will call them Pokie machines however they all tend to play and pay in exactly the same way!

When you are good and ready to play them for real money consider additionally bagging some of the generous new player welcome bonuses many slot sites have available, as by claiming them your bankroll will be given a large boost in value instantly.

Classic Slots – The most basic types of slots any player can sit down to play are Classic Slots, what makes them ideal for slot players who want a basic type of slot playing experience is that they all boats one single payline and have three stepper type reels attached to them so you spin their reels wait for them to stop and instantly know if you have won or not!

Fruit Machines – If you are looking or slots which can and will award a plethora of different bonus games and bonus features very regularly then there is only one category of slot machine you need to track down and play and those are the Fruit Machines, of which there are any available online and at mobile casino sites too.

3 Reel Slots – Three reel slots are much like the two categories of slots above however they rarely if ever have any bonus games or bonus features but will offer more optional paylines than the Classic Slot machines.

Also be aware that often these types and categories of slots will award higher valued jackpot payouts if you spin in the jackpot paying winning combination on the highest number reels so always play max line spins when playing them is one tip worth knowing!

Video Slots – You will find some of the most exciting and entertaining slot machines you can play are those that are known as video slot machines they generally have five video reels which as the name suggest spin n a video screen as opposed to being physical reels.

The reason you are going to find them the most entertaining of slots is that there are bonus features and bonus games that can be triggered and awarded to you as you are playing them which an and often do award some very high valued winning payouts to players once triggered!

Progressive Slots – Progressive slots will be exciting to play for one main reason and that is you could win a massive jackpot instantly when playing them. In fact, some progressive jackpot slot shave multiple jackpots up for grabs so if you are extremely lucky you could win several jackpots in fairly quick succession!

Fixed Odds Slots – A Fixed Odds slot machine is one on which every spin you made will result in one of the listed winning combinations on the pay table of those types of slot will be guaranteed to spin in.

However what you are tasked with having to do is to guess which one is going to spin in and place a bet on it before you spin the reels, if the winning combination you have selected does spin in then you are a winner if it doesn’t you have lost you wager!