Who Plays Bingo in 2016?

You just have to look at the television to see the resurgence of Bingo as a pastime. One thing we often see in these adverts though is a female dominated form of entertainment that men don’t really take part in. Is this an old stereotype though?

It seems it maybe, especially with the rise of online Bingo. What we tend to forget is that Bingo is actually fun, and the fact that it doesn’t challenge the player too much makes it all the more interesting. It seems these days that men are just as likely to play a quick game of bingo on their mobile phones than women.

Bingo has also turned into something of a social phenomenon, and is seen as a good night out. While sometimes we see Bingo put on screen showing old people playing it in retirement homes, the truth is there has been plenty of innovation in this form of entertainment to liven things up. Add some music and freshen up the way the game is called, and suddenly things a lot more interesting.

It seems that people of all ages enjoy with no deposit bingo, and yes while it may be true that more women do play, there is still a good share of players who are male. What the game may need though is a little updating of its advertising style. All the focus on it being a women’s game could do the industry more harm than good. It can’t do any harm to just liven things up and get with the times. It seems the players already are.

Whether the future will see a rise in the number of men playing Bingo or not, the future does look good for the game with more players than ever choosing to play.