Wink Bingo Launches Content-Rich Winkly Magazine

Wink Bingo, the UK’s leading online bingo provider, recently launched Winkly Magazine, a digital publication devoted to bingo enthusiasts. Their flourishing magazine is packed with unique, informative and instructional content that can benefit players of all levels.

With its user friendly and easy to read format, Winkly Magazine is divided into three main sections: ‘Winkipedia’, ‘Bingo Insights’ and ‘In The Know’. ‘Winkipedia’, is an Encyclopedia and leading authority on all things bingo related. Not unlike Wikipedia, ‘Winkipedia’ is an ever growing source of information, where the articles delve into every facet of bingo, from terminology to facts and phenomena. For example, readers can discover the differences between 90 Ball Bingo and 75 Ball Bingo games, as well as learning all about Bingo Etiquette. ‘Bingo Insights’ are of a more educational nature, providing valuable tips and helping players improve their game. The latest article teaches players how to best handle their Bingo Budgets. ‘In The Know’ goes into more depth, exploring various angles of the bingo industry through its fascinating articles, such as “Charity & Bingo, The Perfect Combo”. For true aficionados, there is an additional section titled ‘The Complete Guide To Bingo’, which is a comprehensive free guidebook covering absolutely everything, from bingo history to detailed bingo strategies. The Complete Guide is neatly organized according to chapters and topics.

Winkly Magazine can be accessed via Wink Bingo, which has an almost identical look and feel. The graphics are colourful and inviting, plus the writing style is clear and appeals to both seasoned bingo players and novices alike. Winkly Magazine is managed and maintained by the team behind Wink Bingo, who are all too familiar with the importance of putting out fresh quality content. The concept of content is nothing new and companies have been using it for years as a tool to market and define their brand, as well as reach out to their customers. Yet it is only recently that content and content marketing have been labeled as such. In the digital age, content marketing brings with it more of a strategic focus, whereby it seeks to broaden its reach, generate new leads and spread brand awareness on a far larger scale. Online publishers such as Winkly Magazine have many tools available to them and with the advent of social media they can reach beyond the imagination. Yet in order to be successful, it is imperative that content be of the highest quality. Social media and online marketing tools only work in as much as the material is interesting, entertaining or useful; otherwise it can have the opposite effect, alienating followers or worse, tainting the brand’s reputation. 

In order to be effective, online content does not have to be restricted to writing. Many companies employ the use of video, photography, podcasts, how-to’s, blogs, or anything that will engage an audience and create a following. Whilst Winkly Magazine does not rule out any of these methods, they excel at producing original, informative and high quality written content. This is achieved by employing the best SEO (Search Engine Optimization) practices such as subtle keyword targeting and planting of organic links, as well as by nurturing their brand identity. As a result Winkly Magazine is fast obtaining a loyal following with increased page visits, plus it is establishing itself as a tour de force within the vibrant world of online bingo.