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Bingo Life Interview with Willow Communications’ Steve Barlow

How did 2019 treat Willow Communications and what are the prospects for the company in 2020?

2019 was a fantastic year for Willow Communications across all areas of our business; retail bingo, casino, AGC, hospitality and leisure. The granting in 2019 of our Gambling Commission licences to provide facilities for the playing of bingo was a catalyst to further develop our established and proven BiGD platform (Bingo Information Graphical Display), which is now used by most UK multi-site retail bingo operators. 2020 promises to be a very busy year with exciting new bingo and jackpot games being launched with several of our retail bingo clients. Our Bingo and Jackpot manager software is deployed on our BiGD platform to provide paper based games presented on the in-venue public display screens to deliver dynamic rich media game content.

2020 will also see the launch of Event, our stand alone, modular entertainment platform. Event hosts local and linked bingo, music and karaoke, games and digital signage.

We will also be introducing a fun bingo themed game to our interactive dart board platform which was launched at the end of 2019.

Do you provide pretty much everything from an audio visual operational standpoint?

For audio visual system installation, integration, maintenance and servicing, yes, we do. We have been providing sound systems and screens to retail bingo operators since 1992. In 2020 we are adding LED wall technology to our portfolio of display solutions. LED wall technology works very well as a matrix board replacement.

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