What Makes Bingo So Relaxing or Exciting?

If you like to play bingo then you certainly don’t need to be told that it can be relaxing, or sometimes even exciting. Even if the games themselves may require little or no conventional ‘skill’, the state of mind that they induce is real nonetheless.

Recently a survey of bingo player profiles came up with some surprising results. Not only were a full third of bingo players within the 25 to 34 year old age bracket, but about three quarters of them were women. Of all these players, 47% said that bingo was relaxing for them, while a further 34% said that it provided them with excitement.

But why is it that bingo is able to have such a profound impact? And what is it about the game that makes it relaxing to play, or exciting.

Going with the Flow

In conventional versions of bingo, the idea is to very much ‘go with the flow’. The outcome of bingo is entirely luck-based due to the fact that winning is determined only by whether or not the numbers on your bingo card are called. Some versions of bingo are more active and require player involvement such as the Mexican version of bingo – but that is mostly the exception to the rule.

Because bingo in general is a completely luck-based game, playing it involves simply going with the flow and paying attention to the numbers that are being called. It is easy to see why that would be relaxing, especially since little or no additional action is required on your part.

At the same time, because bingo is often in a social setting – it is a nice way to spend time with others while relaxing too. That can often make it even more comfortable and turn it into an enjoyable social experience that you can share with friends and family.

Anticipation of Winning

While playing bingo in itself can be relaxing, the anticipation of winning can also be exciting. In particular the excitement tends to most apparent when you’re ‘calling’ (i.e. you have one number to go to win), but it is also present when several of your numbers are called in a row.

That excitement can be quite high if the prize is big – but even for smaller prizes it is still present too. The fact that you are winning or stand a good chance of winning is often the trigger, which is why many players who look to bingo as a source of excitement tend to like to play with multiple cards (if the rules allow for it).

By playing with multiple cards, the odds of your numbers being called are higher. More importantly, it will keep you busy trying to keep track of all the numbers that are being called and mark them down correctly – which can be exciting in its own right too.

If you’ve ever wondered, “Are online casino and bingo games beneficial in life?”, then the fact that they are able to provide relaxation or excitement is one of their most profound benefits. Being able to kick back and play your favorite games to reduce your stress levels or take a break from work is nothing to sniff at.

Considering these games can also provide some form of social interaction as well as help with cognitive function – it definitely does have real life benefits. Assuming you lead a stressful lifestyle or one where you feel that you don’t have enough excitement, then playing a few rounds of bingo could give you the fix that you need in a convenient and simple form.