Why training isn’t the missing piece in NRM Group’s Jigsaw initiative


The team at NRM Group will seemingly go to any lengths in order to help their customers maximise their ‘return on entertainment technology' – as an on-going initiative in support of its sector leading Jigsaw touchscreen brand confirms. 

A five person NRM group team, led by Key Account Manager, Freddie Shreeve and Business Development manager Steve Cook, travelled a total of 5,200 miles to ten venues located in eight counties in order to provide customer-facing entertainments staff with a comprehensive training programme.  The programme covered the vast capabilities of the new V3 Jigsaw which encompasses music, karaoke, digital advertising, interactive games and bingo all supported by a back office whose operational features also include post bingo game reporting and financial auditing.
Reflecting on the success of the free but hugely valuable initiative, Freddie Shreeve said: "Jigsaw is the touchscreen entertainment system of choice with major holiday park groups and independents alike. The Jigsaw V3 is a powerful and versatile tool and it’s vital that entertainments staff are able to get the very most out of the technology."  He continued: “We trained 500+ entertainments staff with the most in a single session totalling 100. With the bigger groups we supplied eight Jigsaw systems and placed them around the room, which not only enabled staff to touch and feel the new V3 software but it also allowed us to replicate Linked Bingo between venues to give Entertainment staff the full Jigsaw and bingo experience.  We also trained team leaders from the various resorts, equipping them to cascade the Jigsaw product knowledge and insights through their various reports."
“All of the market intelligence confirms that it is the venues that provide great entertainment that achieve the highest proportion of return visits and as a company we are committed to helping our customers in any way that we can. We’ve been told that we are the only company in the sector to provide such a service which maximises the return from what is a key contributor to a holiday parks entertainment proposition. From what we experienced first-hand and from talking with the customer-facing staff, it’s clear that Jigsaw is meeting and in many cases exceeding customer expectations across the full spectrum of UK holiday park destinations."

NRM Group provides a comprehensive national technical support function with a dedicated team on hand seven days a week, 364 days a year. Jigsaw technical support is supported via remote PC access, a dedicated customer service phone number, as well as via Jigsaw WhatsApp User Groups that provide instant messaging and support to our customers wishing to use this functionality.