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Keno Vs Bingo: What's the Difference?

If you’ve ever visited an online casino, or seen dedicated keno or bingo sites while searching the web, you may have wondered how these two popular gambling games are different. After all, they kind of sound the same and, to most casual observers, they work around picking winning numbers. So what is the real difference between keno and bingo?

Keno and Bingo Software

Club 3000 Bingo and their new marketing campaign

Online bingo has come a long way in recent years, and many would say that offline bingo has gone the opposite direction. For operators that have a foot in both camps, like Club 3000 Bingo, there’s an opportunity to try to get the best out of both elements, and take advantage of synergies between the two.

We spoke with Seda Supurgeci and Joss Bibby from Crab Creative, who have been involved in the relaunch of Club 3000 Bingo’s website and digital strategy, with a view to updating the online presence of the client and trying to get the best out of the crossover between offline and online players.

Joss, Senior Designer, told us “Club 3000 Bingo really wanted to update their online gaming offer and their entire digital presence – the physical bingo clubs are a really important part of their offer and they wanted to relaunch the online part, but not at the expense of the clubs”.

All the fun of the fruit machine

No night out at bingo is complete without dropping a few coins into the fruit machine to see if you can drop that elusive jackpot. The electronic sounds of each game, and the unmistakable chinking noise of a big pay out, are all part and parcel of the atmosphere that gets everyone ready for the main stage games ahead. But where do fruit machines come from, and where are the biggest machines with the biggest jackpots?

Mr.Bet – the best online casino solution

Everyone who wants to win money instantly online free should visit Mr Bet. This is a recently created online casino, however, it has already attracted millions of players all over Canada, Australia, and New Zealand. The first thing that attracts players to spend time online is a friendly interface. It is really easy to understand where the games are, how much deposit is and how to contact a customer support.

All You Need To Know About Mobile Bingo

If you’ve ever wanted to take your bingo habits from the halls to online, then mobile bingo might just be the option for you. We’re here to teach you how to use this game on your mobile device and how to get a better deal.

Use a Smartphone or Tablet

Lots of people nowadays have a smartphone or tablet that’s capable of connecting to and playing on mobile bingo sites. You don’t necessarily need to have a top of the range device, as the phone you use for texting is probably up to the task. Most sites allow you to log right in and start playing right from your device.

Play with No Deposit

Echoes of Black September remind us to put the customer first

Next month marks the ten year anniversary of perhaps the most traumatic period in the history of Britain’s bingo clubs.In September 2007, with clubs still trying to cope with the effects of smoking bans in Scotland, England and Wales, they were forced to remove their most lucrative gaming machines under the full implementation of The Gambling Act 2005. With consumer confidence waning as the credit crunch hit, bingo went into a tail-spin.
While the tenth anniversary of ‘Black September’ is unlikely to evoke too much in the way of nostalgia, it is something worth remembering nonetheless. It ought to remind us of the vulnerability of gambling to political intervention and the fact that bad news has little respect for the principle of mutual exclusivity – not least because in 2017 many of the same factors apply - gambling regulations are in flux, the economy is looking fragile and HM Treasury is in revenue-raising mode.

Online Casino

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Online Casino USA

The Grande Vegas online casino USA gives American players the chance to experience Vegas action in a convenient environment of Internet activity.

Players who want to engage in online casino real money gambling on the big screen can open the casino on their Internet browser to play at the Instant Casino while the Download Casino is available for anyone who wants the convenience of playing on downloaded software.

Winning tips for online bingo players

The simple rules, fast play, and tons of prizes have made Bingo one of the most popular online gambling games. All one needs to do these days is simply log on to any of the online casinos with bingo and start playing. And though bingo is very easy to play, it does not guarantee wins every time.

As long as you’re not addicted to the game and playing to have some fun, you can win some cash while you’re at it. These tips will help anyone who wants to become a pro at online bingo and reap maximum financial rewards out of it.

  1. Verify where you’re playing

Even before you start playing on an online site, make sure that it is registered and well known. Many gambling sites are a sham and don’t pay the players what they win, causing you to lose your money. Make sure you log on to smart portals only.

Bingo’s Rising Popularity across the World

Bingo is a popular game of chance played in many parts of the world. In this, each player gets cards with pre-printed numbers not in any order. The host calls out numbers by drawing out number tiles at random and places the respective tile on the matching number. If he calls out a number that is present on the player’s card he crosses it out. When a player can cross out all numbers in a row, he or she shouts “bingo”. After verification by the host, if the numbers are all correct, the designated prize money is handed out.

Roots of bingo!

Bingo in 2017: Where are New Markets Opening Up?

When thinking bingo, some people's minds might well flit instantly to the rather outdated notion of bingo as it used to be: played in slightly tatty, rundown bingo halls. This is a seriously outdated notion, however, since bingo is, in 2017, one of the most popular forms of online gaming. And more and more people are realizing that and getting on board.

Bingo would already be ranked as the sixth biggest sport in the UK were it to be technically labeled a sport, but the notion of bingo becoming a global hit in an age of new games and online technology still seems a little surprising.

However, there are suggestions that bingo is not only truly on the up in the world of iGaming in the UK, but also on a global scale. Let’s dig a little deeper.

Dreams of Africa